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Version : 1.37
Sale type : coupon
Coupon code : VIDE-6M1L
Country : All
Price :   $29.95    $13.48
Trial : Wise Video Converter Pro (1 year license) download link
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Wise Video Converter Pro (1 year license) overview:

Wise Video Converter is an easy, fast and powerful software, which allows you to convert all formats of videos to be playable in all kinds of devices. All brands of devices supported including Cellphones, Pads, and PCs. The main surface is clean and friendly, and the conversion process of the software is easy and fast. Download and install following the instructions displayed step by step. After you have installed the software, click the icon and the clean main surface of the software will show up with three buttons of "Cellphone Device", "Pad Device" and "PC Device" for you to choose from. Firstly please select your specific kind of device from the three buttons, click it and the guide will ask you to choose video(s) to convert. Select one by double-clicking and it will show up in the Convert List. Or you can just drag it to a certain kind of button. It will intelligently recognize the device and get categorized to certain output format. You can also drag your video to the Convert List, after which operation the default Device setting is Mobile. You can make any change in the round button next to the file at the right end of each item, which can show you the properties of the video and allow you to further change your output format. If you want to start conversion immediately, just click "convert" at the lower right corner and the conversion will start at once, during which process you can choose to pause, stop or continue. You can add a batch of videos to the Convert List and only one click is needed to start convert them. After the file's conversion is finished, it will show up in the converted list. In the list, you can open it, delete it, or open the file path of it. Easiest and Fastest thing to do! Wise Video Converter is so user-friendly, what's more, you can generate a portable version of it in the Settings, which makes the software more convenient to use. Wrap it in your pocket and use it anywhere. Enjoy your videos with Wise Video Converter!

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